Please post your comments and queries about the book on this page, and I’ll get back you as soon as I can. I’m really interested to hear of how the book could do more to point new producers in the right direction as they are starting out. And I’m happy to hear from people who disagree with any of my comments in the book, or have a different experience to share.

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  • Sally Lawton says:

    Just finished reading the book. Loved every page of it. I know it’ll also come in handy as a reference book every time I produce a play.
    Thanks so much.

  • Nick Edwards says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the book, and the opportunity to go beyond it via this website.

    Towards the end of chapter 5 (p 90) there is mention of further details of how to avoid FSA regulations by approaching potential investors for smaller shows. It says further info is available on the website, but I can’t seem to find that. Not sure if I’m not looking in the right place!

    Any further info on this particular area would be very welcome!

    Thanks very much,

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for pointing out this omission. I have updated the Downloads page of the site to link to which is the relevant legislation, see p51 of the document for the actual statements you need to get investors to sign

    Good luck with your ventures and thanks for reading.

    All best,

  • Hi There,
    The book is absolutely brilliant and such an insight, I wish I had read it back in July last year prior to producing my first show! It will be fantastic reference guide in the future.

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